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With today's construction technologies for buildings, new materials with less carbon footprint or focussed on reducing it during the life expentancy of the bulding itself, is just common sense that the new improved bulding requirements are greatly effected.

Better and thicker insulation, high efficiency windows, doors, vapor barriers, etc, the same bulding that before required an 80.000 btus furnace, now can do with a much smaller unit, that's why new installation or retrofit replacement of your heating or cooling equipment require a heat loss\gain calculation, I always take this factor in consideration when customers approach me for they'r request.


My passion, and also the most efficient HVAC system, if you have a boiler you have the Ferrari of the HVAC for your heating needs.

Properly install systems will give you uncomparable confort and saving against the "traditional" gas burning furnace. Retrofittings or new constructions are great opportunity to take advantage of this always evolving HVAC technologie. In the past decade the market, here in North America has open up more to this metod of delivering unsurpassed confort to living spaces, slowly, what's the standard in Europe, start finding his way to our distributors, not only because worldwide is been reconized the future for our heating and cooling needs, but, the impact that this technologie has on the enviroment is much smaller, less power and gas consumpion.

The future of home building is heading straight more and more to home efficiency, new, more stringent rules and regulations are taking place every year around the world, passive houses with ultra tight envelope, solar collectors combine with air to water heat pump for your heating and cooling with hydronic will run for a fraction of the cost of traditional furnace-a\c set ups, is even possible with this to be completely off the grid, pretty much a net zero building.


Still the standar here in North America, the latest models bring the efficiency bar up to 97%, now a properly insulated building has a much smaller heat loss\gain requirement and, consecuently, the possibility to heat and cool living areas with much smaller btus output.

Properly installed and sized units will avoid short cycling, prolonging the life of the appliance and better comfort, replacing the filter quaterly a year is the minimum, more often if you keep the fan option on the thermostat always on or if you have hairy pets.

Air conditioning

Traditional A coil systems are the norm here in North America, but if locations or needs are not the norm, ductless units, high velocity systems with no bulkheads, in most cases, are all vaible options to cool down in the summer.

Air exchange units

Heat recovery or energy recovery ventilation systems are a must, with today tight envelope regulations for new construction, air will get quite stale quickly, increasing uncomfortable enviroment in the living areas and also, create potentially unhealty scenarios with mold build up.

So the answer to this side effect of the new standard for home efficiency are HRV or ERV units that provides a constant fresh air supply to the occupants without loosing any temperature, is like having a magic open windows that blows in the house room temperature air summer and winter.

I always recommend to have this unit ducted individually to the building so the customer can control better the various areas of the living space.

Gas lines

When possible, i always recommend to have a manifold set up for your gas lines so the customer can have the whole building gas under control.

Today's flexible lines are my choises, much safer that traditional black cast iron pipes, only 2 potential spot for leaks, at the extremities where they connect to the manifold and the appliance, everithing labeled and ready to be shout off in case of servicing.

Domestic hot water

Traditional hot water tank are still the standard, new, better, more efficient and safer technologies are getting ground, if you already have a boiler, is a no brainer for me to add an indirect tank to it, done, you'll never run out of hot water, otherwise, if you are on the hunt for you're old hot water tank replacement, tankless unit are way more efficient and safer, yes a yearly service is recommended, but even regular tank should be serviced once a year, even if nobody say so.

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